Getting Married? Some Trends In Banquet Hall Catering

25 November 2015
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Getting married can be very busy for everyone, and hiring a company to do your catering can be a big help. If you plan to do this, below are some trends in banquet hall catering you may want to consider for your wedding. Buffet Style Let your guests choose the food that they want to eat by offering a buffet. Your friends and family will have a variety of foods, and then can go back for seconds if they prefer. Read More 

Pizza Can Be Healthier Than You Might Think

28 September 2015
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When you think of "health food," pizza probably isn't the first thing to come to mind. But today, many pizza shops offer a variety of options that can allow you to indulge with a great pie without doing major damage to your arteries. Here are three ways in which some types of pizza can actually be good for you. Pizza Can Help You Get a Solid Dose of Lycopene Lycopene is an antioxidant that can help prevent heart disease and other problems. Read More 

Tips For Healthy Eating At Mexican Restaurants

11 August 2015
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Do you want to go out to a restaurant for lunch or dinner, but you're trying to eat healthier foods? Do you adore Mexican restaurants, but you're sad that they don't have anything that you can eat now? Fortunately for you, there are actually plenty of options for health-conscious diners. Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you choose your food when you go out to eat: Read More 

Safety Tips For Handling Dry Ice

26 June 2015
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In the food industry, you may have to handle dry ice frequently for various meals and beverages. If you're not familiar with dry ice, you may not know how dangerous it may be. So for this reason, it's wise to understand these safety tips when dealing with dry ice. Why Safety Matters Think of dry ice as frozen carbon dioxide. When there's too much dry ice in gas form, CO2 can overtake the amount of oxygen in a room and lead to suffocation. Read More 

Love Mexican Food? Here Are The Health Benefits Of Mexican Salsa

2 June 2015
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If you're trying to eat healthy and you love Mexican food, you probably request all the substitutes you know when dining out. For example, you might opt for a bean burrito instead of a beef and cheese burrito. Or you might request guacamole to top your favorite dishes instead of sour cream and cheese. However, when it comes to salsa, you don't have to request a substitute at all, and you can eat as much of it as you want, because this dish is full of nutrients that offer these healthy benefits: Read More