4 Must Try Regional Southern BBQ Styles

24 February 2016
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Whether you're deciding to prepare a meal on your own, sit down at a restaurant, or have it served to you by a catering service, there are few things as delicious and all American as BBQ. The biggest problem when it comes to BBQ is simply deciding what sort of regional style you want to eat. This brief guide will serve to inform you of a few of the most delicious regional styles of BBQ you can find throughout the southern states.


Alabama BBQ tends to send a bit conservative at first. Surely, every BBQ fan has had pulled pork sandwiches with a coleslaw topping. However, how Alabama has truly made its mark on the world of BBQ is the sauce that their pulled pork is often drenched in. Alabama white sauce is a combination of vinegar and mayonnaise that is once thick and tangy, and will be sure to give your sandwich a bit of a bite, which is especially tasty combined with the crunchy snap of coleslaw.


Memphis is a city that is known for its pork, whether it is in the form of a pulled pork sandwich, or a full stack of ribs. Memphis style pork is given a dry rub, using a variety of spices, which include paprika, garlic, and plenty of salt. The meat is then fired up in a large pit and cooked for several hours and is either served or slathered with a thin tomato-based BBQ sauce.

East Texas

While other states tend to prefer pork when it comes to BBQ, East Texas BBQ is known for being a half and half combination of both beef and pork. It is almost always served on a traditional hamburger bun and East Texans are quite liberal with the sauce.

North Carolina

Although there are plenty of regional disputes about how to cook BBQ in North Carolina, there are generally a few things they can agree on. First and foremost, the meat (which, of course, is pork), must be brushed with a vinegar-based mix over open heat. Secondly, a ketchup based BBQ sauce is a must when served.

Although southerners can't quite agree on one single BBQ style, that's fine. That simply means that there is more to choose from when it comes to selecting what sort of delicious meat you'll be chowing down on. Hopefully, this guide has given you some idea of what sort of BBQ to expect from certain states in the southern United States.