Getting Married? Some Trends In Banquet Hall Catering

25 November 2015
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Getting married can be very busy for everyone, and hiring a company to do your catering can be a big help. If you plan to do this, below are some trends in banquet hall catering you may want to consider for your wedding.

Buffet Style

Let your guests choose the food that they want to eat by offering a buffet. Your friends and family will have a variety of foods, and then can go back for seconds if they prefer. Your dinner guests will also enjoy being able to move around a little, not stuck at their tables. Make the buffet the center of the room using floral arrangements and pretty linens. You also don't have to worry about slow service.


If you are having a daytime wedding, serve your guests brunch, which is less expensive than serving food at dinnertime. Serve your guests pancakes, omelets, and waffles.  Even if you are having a nighttime wedding, you can serve your guests breakfast for dinner. You may want to consider setting up stations. For example, an omelet station works well because there are many different types of ingredients people can choose to put in their omelet, such as peppers, potatoes, ham, sausage, and so on.

Doughnut Bar

If you are only serving your guests desert or a snack to have between the wedding ceremony and the reception, set up a donut bar. Ask the caterer to make a variety of donuts. They could put colored icing on some of the donuts using colors of your wedding.

Let your guests decorate their own donuts, Offer plain donuts, as well as donut holes, different flavors of icing, and toppings, such as whipped cream, fresh fruit, powdered sugar, and colorful sprinkles.  You could even ask your caterer to make you a donut cake to display on the table.

Sandwich And Soup Station

If you are having a casual wedding, set up a sandwich station. Offer your guests a variety of bread to choose from, such as white, whole wheat, pumpernickel, rye, and sourdough. Also have flatbreads and pitas available. Have someone carving meat, such as ham, turkey, and roast beef. Let your guess choose from different cheeses, such as cheddar, Monterey jack, feta, manchego, and Gouda.  Have different toppings available like tomatoes, vegetables, Dijon mustard, and horseradish.

Along with the sandwiches, offer small bowls of soup to go with them. Mini bowls of tomato basil, black bean, corn chowder, or pumpkin bisque work well.

If you are having problems choosing the type of food you want to serve, talk to your caterer. They will likely have many ideas to share with you. Consider contacting the professionals at Mascaro's Catering to see if they can meet your catering needs.