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Tips For Taking Advantage Of The Nutritional Benefits Of Poppy Seeds

Posted by on Jul 21, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If your only experience with poppy seeds is having them on top of your hamburger bun, you may not be aware of the nutritional goldmine these tiny, nutty seeds provide. In just one tablespoonful, you can get 13 percent of your daily calcium, as well as decent amounts of minerals, such as iron, manganese, and copper. Use the tips below to take advantage of these nutritional benefits. Top Your Salad With Poppy Seeds One way to add poppy seeds to your normal diet routine is to top your salad with a tablespoon of them. Their nutty flavor and crunchy texture can add depth to your salad. They also blend well with other seed toppings for your salad, such sesame or sunflower seeds. Mix Poppy Seeds With Your Morning Oatmeal Another way to use poppy seeds is to mix it with your morning oatmeal. You can prepare your oatmeal and poppy seed mix in two ways. The first method is to add a tablespoon of the seeds to the oats while they are cooking. This softens the seeds, making them softer and blending them in with the existing texture. The second method is to stir the poppy seeds into the oatmeal after it has cooked. This adds a bit of crunch to your hot cereal. You can also add a tablespoon of flax seeds to increase the calcium, protein, and mineral content of your breakfast dish. Make Your Own Cream-Filled Poppy Seed Coffee Cakes If you would like to make a treat using the seeds, try making your own cream-filled poppy seed coffee cakes. First, spread out a 12-inch by 12-inch square of premade puff pastry on a piece of wax paper. Then, mix together a cup of poppy seeds, two cups of milk, and a cup and a quarter of sugar in a medium-sized saucepan. Heat the mixture until the sugar has melted. Remove the pan from heat, and let it cool for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then, use a rubber spatula to spread the mixture onto the pastry. Roll the pastry sheet, then slice into one inch pinwheels. Bake according to the package directions, then serve warm with coffee or milk.  The above tips are only a few ways you can add the powerful nutritional benefits of poppy seeds to your diet. You can find them in grocery stores in small amounts, or you can buy poppy seeds in bulk from an online...

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4 Must Try Regional Southern BBQ Styles

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Whether you’re deciding to prepare a meal on your own, sit down at a restaurant, or have it served to you by a catering service, there are few things as delicious and all American as BBQ. The biggest problem when it comes to BBQ is simply deciding what sort of regional style you want to eat. This brief guide will serve to inform you of a few of the most delicious regional styles of BBQ you can find throughout the southern states. Alabama Alabama BBQ tends to send a bit conservative at first. Surely, every BBQ fan has had pulled pork sandwiches with a coleslaw topping. However, how Alabama has truly made its mark on the world of BBQ is the sauce that their pulled pork is often drenched in. Alabama white sauce is a combination of vinegar and mayonnaise that is once thick and tangy, and will be sure to give your sandwich a bit of a bite, which is especially tasty combined with the crunchy snap of coleslaw. Memphis Memphis is a city that is known for its pork, whether it is in the form of a pulled pork sandwich, or a full stack of ribs. Memphis style pork is given a dry rub, using a variety of spices, which include paprika, garlic, and plenty of salt. The meat is then fired up in a large pit and cooked for several hours and is either served or slathered with a thin tomato-based BBQ sauce. East Texas While other states tend to prefer pork when it comes to BBQ, East Texas BBQ is known for being a half and half combination of both beef and pork. It is almost always served on a traditional hamburger bun and East Texans are quite liberal with the sauce. North Carolina Although there are plenty of regional disputes about how to cook BBQ in North Carolina, there are generally a few things they can agree on. First and foremost, the meat (which, of course, is pork), must be brushed with a vinegar-based mix over open heat. Secondly, a ketchup based BBQ sauce is a must when served. Although southerners can’t quite agree on one single BBQ style, that’s fine. That simply means that there is more to choose from when it comes to selecting what sort of delicious meat you’ll be chowing down on. Hopefully, this guide has given you some idea of what sort of BBQ to expect from certain states in the southern United States....

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Beyond Chicken Or Beef: 3 Fun Wedding Catering Ideas

Posted by on Jan 8, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Planning a wedding reception doesn’t have to mean giving your guests a choice between a chicken or beef dish. Unique catering ideas can help you personalize your reception and bring a little extra fun to the event. Here are three options you can choose to make your wedding meal one your guests won’t soon forget. Tiny Tapas For The Table Instead of serving planned entrees, opt for tapas. These bite-sized options let your guests sample a variety of different of foods instead of having to commit to a single menu choice. Have your catering company put out platters of hot and cold tapas throughout the meal service to keep your guests guessing what will be served next. Some options for tapas include: Mini meatballs Stuffed olives Potato croquettes Bacon-wrapped dates Empanadas Brie tartlets Mini salads You can also have your catering crew create a tapas-style dessert menu to carry the theme over to the final course of the meal. Wedding Brunch For a morning or early afternoon wedding, you might consider having a brunch reception. You can select pre-planned brunch entrees for your guests to choose from, or you can go big with a brunch buffet. If you opt for a buffet, be sure to include carving stations for ham and omelet stations to give your guests the true brunch experience. In lieu of a traditional signature cocktail, work with your catering company to come up with signature mimosa and bloody Mary drinks to serve to guests along with the brunch menu. Don’t forget to include a few kid-friendly breakfast options, such as chocolate chip pancakes or a cereal buffet. Build-A-Burger Bar Casual weddings pair best with casual menu options. For an outdoor or laid-back wedding reception, consider having your catering team create a burger bar. Guests can choose from beef, turkey, chicken or mushroom burgers, and they can pile on the toppings to suit their personal tastes. Consider adding a few unique burger topping ideas, such as guacamole, goat cheese or fried eggs. The burger bar should also include several side dishes to choose from, such as loaded potato skins, grilled corn, potato salad and deviled eggs. Talk to your catering company about your favorite foods, the theme for your wedding and any other information that might help you choose a unique menu for your reception. Together, you can create an inventive food theme that is just as exciting as the rest of your wedding...

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Getting Married? Some Trends In Banquet Hall Catering

Posted by on Nov 25, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Getting married can be very busy for everyone, and hiring a company to do your catering can be a big help. If you plan to do this, below are some trends in banquet hall catering you may want to consider for your wedding. Buffet Style Let your guests choose the food that they want to eat by offering a buffet. Your friends and family will have a variety of foods, and then can go back for seconds if they prefer. Your dinner guests will also enjoy being able to move around a little, not stuck at their tables. Make the buffet the center of the room using floral arrangements and pretty linens. You also don’t have to worry about slow service. Brunch If you are having a daytime wedding, serve your guests brunch, which is less expensive than serving food at dinnertime. Serve your guests pancakes, omelets, and waffles.  Even if you are having a nighttime wedding, you can serve your guests breakfast for dinner. You may want to consider setting up stations. For example, an omelet station works well because there are many different types of ingredients people can choose to put in their omelet, such as peppers, potatoes, ham, sausage, and so on. Doughnut Bar If you are only serving your guests desert or a snack to have between the wedding ceremony and the reception, set up a donut bar. Ask the caterer to make a variety of donuts. They could put colored icing on some of the donuts using colors of your wedding. Let your guests decorate their own donuts, Offer plain donuts, as well as donut holes, different flavors of icing, and toppings, such as whipped cream, fresh fruit, powdered sugar, and colorful sprinkles.  You could even ask your caterer to make you a donut cake to display on the table. Sandwich And Soup Station If you are having a casual wedding, set up a sandwich station. Offer your guests a variety of bread to choose from, such as white, whole wheat, pumpernickel, rye, and sourdough. Also have flatbreads and pitas available. Have someone carving meat, such as ham, turkey, and roast beef. Let your guess choose from different cheeses, such as cheddar, Monterey jack, feta, manchego, and Gouda.  Have different toppings available like tomatoes, vegetables, Dijon mustard, and horseradish. Along with the sandwiches, offer small bowls of soup to go with them. Mini bowls of tomato basil, black bean, corn chowder, or pumpkin bisque work well. If you are having problems choosing the type of food you want to serve, talk to your caterer. They will likely have many ideas to share with you. Consider contacting the professionals at Mascaro’s Catering to see if they can meet your catering...

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Pizza Can Be Healthier Than You Might Think

Posted by on Sep 28, 2015 in Uncategorized |

When you think of “health food,” pizza probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. But today, many pizza shops offer a variety of options that can allow you to indulge with a great pie without doing major damage to your arteries. Here are three ways in which some types of pizza can actually be good for you. Pizza Can Help You Get a Solid Dose of Lycopene Lycopene is an antioxidant that can help prevent heart disease and other problems. Tomatoes, which are obviously a part of every pizza in the form of the sauce, contain this substance. But what really makes pizza great for lycopene intake is that when you eat a food with a lot of lycopene in it and mix it with something which also has a bit of oil or fat (like pizza cheese), your body will actually absorb more of the lycopene into your system. Gluten-Free Pizza is Available An increasing number of people are trying to cut gluten from their diets, as the substance has been traced in some studies to various health problems.  Gluten-free tends to come and go as a health fad, but if you are interested in trying out this specific diet, you should know that you won’t have to skip out on your favorite dish. Many pizza companies, ranging from national chains to local shops, are now offering gluten-free pizza to cater to individuals who want to have a great slice of pie while maintaining their diet plans.  The Oregano Oil in Your Pizza Can Help Kill Cells That Cause Cancer Oregano oil is a common ingredient in many types of pizza, and the oil contains something called carvacrol. This substance is sometimes used to help treat prostate cancer because it can get into the cancer cells and essentially get them to die off. Other studies have shown that pizza may also help prevent other types of cancer as well. Pizza is often viewed as a “guilt food,” and sometimes, that’s probably an accurate assessment. But pizza does naturally some properties that can help your body stay healthy in other ways. The lycopene found in tomato sauce can help fight heart disease, and other substances found in pizza like oregano oil can help fight cancer. In addition to the many places that offer vegetarian pizza dishes today, some shops are also offering gluten-free options as well. If you’re still worried about the fat and oil, call your local pizza shop and see if they’ll build a custom pie for you just the way you, and your diet, like it. For more information, contact Barros Pizza or a similar...

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Tips For Healthy Eating At Mexican Restaurants

Posted by on Aug 11, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Do you want to go out to a restaurant for lunch or dinner, but you’re trying to eat healthier foods? Do you adore Mexican restaurants, but you’re sad that they don’t have anything that you can eat now? Fortunately for you, there are actually plenty of options for health-conscious diners. Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you choose your food when you go out to eat: Find Mexican restaurants that offer soup: Because of its high water content, soup can be lower in calories than many similarly-sized dishes. Although it originated in Spain, gazpacho may be offered at some restaurants. This cold soup, made from raw vegetables, may be one of the healthiest options on the menu. Other soups may not be quite as healthful, but can be low calorie if you stick to smaller portions. Look for more authentic fare: Many Americanized Mexican restaurants offer things like enchiladas that drip gooey melted cheese or tacos that are packed with shredded cheese, but these are not authentic Mexican dishes. Authentic dishes will use cheese sparingly and probably won’t use yellow cheese at all. If cheese is used at all, authentic Mexican dishes are more likely to use queso fresco, which is a crumbled white cheese similar in texture to a very dry cottage cheese. Since cheese adds calories, authentic Mexican dishes are likely to be friendlier to your waistline. Order dishes that are filled with vegetables: Chicken fajitas are a good dish for people who are watching what they eat. When the fajitas are made with light meat, there are slightly fewer calories per serving than with dark meat. In addition, fajitas are loaded with vegetables like bell peppers and onions, making them filling without having too many calories. Other good options to look for at your local Mexican restaurants include nopale tacos and whole pinto or black beans. However, you should skip the frijoles, or refried beans, since the cooking process usually adds fat that you would otherwise want to avoid.  Skip the chips: Tortilla chips and hard taco shells are usually fried in oil, making them extremely fatty. If your restaurant offers free chips and salsa at your table, ask if you can have some warmed corn tortillas instead of chips. When dipped into or spread with the salsa, these tortillas may not crunch like chips but they will offer a similar taste. Since many authentic Mexican restaurants fry their tacos after putting the filling inside, you can also ask that they skip this step and serve you soft shelled tacos instead of hard tacos. Hop over to this web-site to start your search for healthy options at Mexican...

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Safety Tips For Handling Dry Ice

Posted by on Jun 26, 2015 in Uncategorized |

In the food industry, you may have to handle dry ice frequently for various meals and beverages. If you’re not familiar with dry ice, you may not know how dangerous it may be. So for this reason, it’s wise to understand these safety tips when dealing with dry ice. Why Safety Matters Think of dry ice as frozen carbon dioxide. When there’s too much dry ice in gas form, CO2 can overtake the amount of oxygen in a room and lead to suffocation. Another thing to keep in mind is that dry ice is significantly colder than regular ice. When it touches the skin, frostbite or another type of injury may happen. Also note that direct contact with food results in freezer burn. Safety Tips Cover Skin: Ensure your skin is not exposed to the dry ice. This means long sleeves and pants. Thick insulated gloves are a must for direct contact. To be even more cautious, you may consider using tongs. Ventilate: To avoid asphyxiation, you should steer clear of too much of dry ice in vapor form. So find a well-ventilated room to work with the dry ice. If you’re planning on traveling by vehicle with the dry ice, then make sure you roll down the windows. For multiple people in one vehicle, see if you can place the dry ice in the cargo area and let it vent for a couple of minutes before removing. Store Carefully: Be mindful of where you put the dry ice. Closed cans and bottles placed next to dry ice as well as dry ice in latched coolers can cause explosions. You should also layer coolers with newspaper and towels to avoid too close contact with the dry ice, which can cause cracking as the carbon dioxide vapors expand. Purchase Wisely: When picking up dry ice, concern yourself with the amount you get. Generally, less is safer because there is less risk of exposure to vapors or frostbite. Dry ice is fairly dense and can go a long way. Plus, the ice will sublimate in a short matter of time so you’ll have to buy more in the future anyway. As you can see, dry ice can pose a lot of risks if you don’t know too much about it. However, if you take these safety tips to heart, you can risk the harmful effects of this useful food item in the kitchen.  If you have specific questions about dry ice and using it safely, contact a business like Chilly Willy & Cool Carl’s...

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Love Mexican Food? Here Are The Health Benefits Of Mexican Salsa

Posted by on Jun 2, 2015 in Uncategorized |

If you’re trying to eat healthy and you love Mexican food, you probably request all the substitutes you know when dining out. For example, you might opt for a bean burrito instead of a beef and cheese burrito. Or you might request guacamole to top your favorite dishes instead of sour cream and cheese. However, when it comes to salsa, you don’t have to request a substitute at all, and you can eat as much of it as you want, because this dish is full of nutrients that offer these healthy benefits: Tissue and Cell Integrity The main ingredients of salsa are onions, jalapenos and tomatoes. All three of these ingredients feature vitamin C. Eat as much salsa as you like to improve collagen production. Additionally, salsa helps stop toxic compounds from other foods in their tracks, keeping your DNA, cell membranes and proteins healthy.   Eat salsa to obtain a little more vitamin C to improve the look of your skin. And don’t forget that this vitamin also helps promote cardiovascular health. Thyroid, Vision and Fetal Development Health Eat salsa when you eat Mexican food so that you can help your retinas remain healthy and to boost your thyroid functionality. Salsa contains a lot of vitamin A and in addition to being a great choice for your vision and thyroid, you’ll also boost your immune system. If you are expecting, Vitamin A will aid your baby’s development.   Gastrointestinal Benefits If you suffer frequently from stomach pains and indigestion, you may have always been told to lay off the spicy food. But new research indicates that this may not be the case. The capsaicin spice that adds a little kick to salsa helps to fight that off indigestion and other stomach annoyances. Capsaicin may also help stave off ulcers and other issues that can occur in the gut. Capsaicin is found in various hot peppers such as red peppers and chili peppers. So, eat salsa with just a little kick from these peppers and you’ll help your intestinal system, instead of hurting it. While the salsa you eat while eating Mexican food, or even just as a snack is packed with nutrients that’s good for you, consider using it as a topping for your favorite foods and minimize the fried tortilla chips that normally accompany salsa. Next time you go out to a place like Lares Restaurant, ask your server for substitute ideas and how you can incorporate more salsa into the dishes you serve at home. You never know, you just might get a few ideas you hadn’t thought...

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Helpful Tips For Affording Wedding Catering On A Budget

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If your dream wedding involves wedding catering, but you are working with a budget, you might start to have a few concerns. Thankfully, you do not have to completely skip out on the caterer. All you have to do is make use of some of the following tips. Cut Back On The Appetizers Most caterers will present you with an overwhelming amount of appetizer options. You do not want to feel as though you have to pick so many of them just because you receive a suggestion. Commit to picking three different appetizers. This way, there will be a variety of options for your guests without going over board. Not only will this save you money, it will help your guest save room for the main course and cake. Pick Cheaper Self-Serve Stations You do not want to leave shrimp or sushi out for the self-serve option, as it is expensive and you are likely to notice that your guests will fly through it. You could select a self-serve pasta and mashed potato station. These are extremely cheap dishes and you can spice it up by providing your guests with a wide variety of toppings and sauces for their pasta and potatoes. Supply Your Own Bottles Of Alcohol Find a caterer that will allow you to supply your own bottles of alcohol, so you can make sure that you are getting the cheapest prices. Of course, you will probably be expected to pay a fee for the caterer serving the alcohol. Also, you might want to look around for alcohol suppliers that have a standard buyback policy. This is so that people who purchased in bulk for large parties and receptions can return any unopened bottles in order to get some of their money back. Stick To One Entree Sure, giving an entree selection is nice, but it is also more expensive. Instead of giving your guests the options of various entrees, you can have your caterer prepare a chicken breast with a favorable sauce that most people will enjoy. With the variety of other side dishes and salads, your guests will have no problem satisfying their hunger. With all of the previously mentioned tips, you should have no trouble affording a quality wedding caterer so that your wedding reception can be everything that you have always wanted it to be. Just explain to the caterer that you have a budget and he or she might even have a few additional tips for...

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Preventative Maintenance Tips For Your Ice Maker

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Readily available ice is one of the simple pleasures of modern life, but many people will take their ice makers for granted. While this may not seem like a device that requires much attention, it is important for you to practice preventative maintenance to help it avoid problems. Failing to do this can result in your machine encountering a litany of problems that may drastically shorten its life span. Fortunately, there are two tips you can follow to help your ice maker avoid some common issues that can lead to major damages to the unit.  Avoid Letting The Room Get Too Cold Many people assume that the temperature of the room where the ice maker is located will be a minor factor to consider. Unfortunately this is not the case, and if this room gets too cold, it can create issues for your machine. In particular, it is possible for certain parts of the system to become encased in ice, and this can stop the flow of water needed to make the ice, or it may prevent the system from cooling enough to form ice.  Sadly, every system is designed differently, and this can make it difficult for you to know the minimum temperature the room needs to be to avoid these issues. By carefully consulting your owner’s manual, you should find it easier to avoid icing issues with your system.  Change The Filter Your ice maker water filter is essential for preventing sediments and other debris in the plumbing from making it into your ice. Typically, these filters can last for up to a year before they will need to be changed, and it is important for you to change it on schedule. As the filter becomes filled with sediments and debris, it will lose the ability to intercept these particles, and this can lower the quality of your ice.  This problem can also cause your system to struggle to get enough water to produce ice, which can force the system to work harder and suffer more wear. The steps and schedule for changing your ice maker water filter will vary, but this filter is typically located close to the primary water supply line. By simply removing it and installing a new one, you can ensure that you always have high-quality ice.  An ice maker is a luxury that many people take for granted, but when these systems fail, you may find yourself forced to drink hot beverages. Fortunately, helping your ice maker avoid these issues does not have to be a difficult task, and preventing freezing and changing the water filter will help your system avoid problems. If, however, your ice maker needs more maintenance, contact a company that specializes in appliances, like Shealy-Hodges...

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Frymaster Deep Fryer: Common Power & Filtration Issues Solved

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Your Frymaster deep fryer can malfunction for several reasons. The following will help you get your Frymaster working again and may save you money on service fees. Power Troubles and Some Simple Solutions You should consider the following points, which may resolve the issue you are having: You might not have thought about it, but the problem with your deep fryer may be that your main gas valve is closed. All you have to do is locate the valve, and open it. This should get your deep fryer working again. If you don’t know where the location of the valve is, you can find this information in your manual.  Another simple reason why your deep fryer may be malfunctioning is the gas pilot light is off. Just use your owner’s manual, and follow the specific instructions to re-light the pilot. You may find these instructions printed on the deep fryer, too; this is usually located on the inside doors. Check your circuit breakers, and find out if the breaker associated with your Frymaster has been triggered. Turn the power back on, and see if this solves the problem.  This one may sound obvious, but is your Frymaster plugged up? You should also make sure there is no damage to the Frymaster’s electrical cable. Do not attempt to correct the issue without unplugging your Frymaster, or without any knowledge of how to reconnect electrical wires.  Check the settings for your fryer, and be sure they are set correctly.  If the power problem continues, then the issue may be due to cables or sensor damage due to leaks or other issues. You will need to talk to your Frymaster specialist about this problem. But there is one more thing to consider. Excessive Oil Changes and the Simple Fix You know that you have to change the oil in your Frymaster. If you don’t, the oil will look dark and could make your food taste pretty bad. But if you are changing the oil according to your manual, and you have to change the oil frequently, you may have a clog or a bad filter. You can purchase a Frymaster filter at a reasonable price. The instructions to change this part vary between machines. But they should be in your owner’s manual and will usually accompany the spare part as well.  As you can see, you can troubleshoot some common problems with your Frymaster deep fryer as long as you have the patience and the right parts. Talk to experts like K & D Factory Service Inc for more...

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