Five Tips For New K-Cup Coffee Maker Owners

14 October 2018
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


You just got your first single-service, K-Cup coffee maker, and you can't wait to use it. But if you've always had conventional coffee makers prior to this, there may be a bit of a learning curve. The following are five tips to help you fully enjoy and get the most out of your coffee maker.

1. Buy a variety of K-Cups.

The beauty of single-service coffee makers is that you can enjoy one type of coffee, while another family member enjoys a totally different type. To take advantage of this option, make sure you buy a variety of K-Cups. Buy some classic Starbucks ones, a few dark roast coffee cups, and maybe some flavored ones. When you have guests over, they'll love the selection.

2. Make a taller cup of coffee, if you prefer.

Most single-service coffee makers have three settings, enabling you to make a small, medium, or large cup of coffee. But even the large size can be a little strong for some people. If you find the largest setting too strong, just brew your coffee into an extra large cup using the large setting. Then, run the small setting again to top the cup off with some weaker coffee.

3. Try reusable coffee pods.

If you come across a type of coffee you like that does not come in K-Cups, don't worry. You can buy reusable coffee pods that you simply fill with any type of coffee you like. Another benefit to these cups is that they are eco-friendly. You are not throwing away a plastic container each time you make coffee.

4. Brew iced coffee, too.

In the summer months, you may not want hot coffee. To make some quick iced coffee with your single-service coffee maker, simply fill a glass with ice. Then, brew the coffee into it using the "small" setting. The stronger coffee that comes out on the small setting will be diluted a little with the ice, yielding a delicious beverage.

5. Change the water often.

Most single-service coffee makers come with a pretty large water reservoir. But you should not simply let the water sit in the reservoir until it gets used. It will get stale, yielding less appealing coffee. Do take the time to change the water each day; your coffee will be more enjoyable.

With the tips above, you'll soon come to enjoy your K-Cup coffee maker and the beverages it produces. Look into various Starbucks K-Cup coffee pod products to find some you enjoy.