Preventative Maintenance Tips For Your Ice Maker

9 March 2015
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Readily available ice is one of the simple pleasures of modern life, but many people will take their ice makers for granted. While this may not seem like a device that requires much attention, it is important for you to practice preventative maintenance to help it avoid problems. Failing to do this can result in your machine encountering a litany of problems that may drastically shorten its life span. Fortunately, there are two tips you can follow to help your ice maker avoid some common issues that can lead to major damages to the unit. 

Avoid Letting The Room Get Too Cold

Many people assume that the temperature of the room where the ice maker is located will be a minor factor to consider. Unfortunately this is not the case, and if this room gets too cold, it can create issues for your machine. In particular, it is possible for certain parts of the system to become encased in ice, and this can stop the flow of water needed to make the ice, or it may prevent the system from cooling enough to form ice. 

Sadly, every system is designed differently, and this can make it difficult for you to know the minimum temperature the room needs to be to avoid these issues. By carefully consulting your owner's manual, you should find it easier to avoid icing issues with your system. 

Change The Filter

Your ice maker water filter is essential for preventing sediments and other debris in the plumbing from making it into your ice. Typically, these filters can last for up to a year before they will need to be changed, and it is important for you to change it on schedule. As the filter becomes filled with sediments and debris, it will lose the ability to intercept these particles, and this can lower the quality of your ice. 

This problem can also cause your system to struggle to get enough water to produce ice, which can force the system to work harder and suffer more wear. The steps and schedule for changing your ice maker water filter will vary, but this filter is typically located close to the primary water supply line. By simply removing it and installing a new one, you can ensure that you always have high-quality ice. 

An ice maker is a luxury that many people take for granted, but when these systems fail, you may find yourself forced to drink hot beverages. Fortunately, helping your ice maker avoid these issues does not have to be a difficult task, and preventing freezing and changing the water filter will help your system avoid problems. If, however, your ice maker needs more maintenance, contact a company that specializes in appliances, like Shealy-Hodges Corporation.