Frymaster Deep Fryer: Common Power & Filtration Issues Solved

10 February 2015
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Your Frymaster deep fryer can malfunction for several reasons. The following will help you get your Frymaster working again and may save you money on service fees.

Power Troubles and Some Simple Solutions

You should consider the following points, which may resolve the issue you are having:

  1. You might not have thought about it, but the problem with your deep fryer may be that your main gas valve is closed. All you have to do is locate the valve, and open it. This should get your deep fryer working again. If you don't know where the location of the valve is, you can find this information in your manual. 
  2. Another simple reason why your deep fryer may be malfunctioning is the gas pilot light is off. Just use your owner's manual, and follow the specific instructions to re-light the pilot. You may find these instructions printed on the deep fryer, too; this is usually located on the inside doors.
  3. Check your circuit breakers, and find out if the breaker associated with your Frymaster has been triggered. Turn the power back on, and see if this solves the problem. 
  4. This one may sound obvious, but is your Frymaster plugged up? You should also make sure there is no damage to the Frymaster's electrical cable. Do not attempt to correct the issue without unplugging your Frymaster, or without any knowledge of how to reconnect electrical wires. 
  5. Check the settings for your fryer, and be sure they are set correctly. 

If the power problem continues, then the issue may be due to cables or sensor damage due to leaks or other issues. You will need to talk to your Frymaster specialist about this problem. But there is one more thing to consider.

Excessive Oil Changes and the Simple Fix

You know that you have to change the oil in your Frymaster. If you don't, the oil will look dark and could make your food taste pretty bad. But if you are changing the oil according to your manual, and you have to change the oil frequently, you may have a clog or a bad filter. You can purchase a Frymaster filter at a reasonable price. The instructions to change this part vary between machines. But they should be in your owner's manual and will usually accompany the spare part as well. 

As you can see, you can troubleshoot some common problems with your Frymaster deep fryer as long as you have the patience and the right parts. Talk to experts like K & D Factory Service Inc for more information.