Top 3 Restaurants For Health-Conscious Group Fun

26 January 2015
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


If you're entertaining a larger group of 4-6 family members and/or friends, it can be difficult to find a restaurant that everyone will enjoy. It can be even harder to find a restaurant everyone will enjoy if people are especially health conscious. Vegetarians, vegans, and other healthy eaters will generally prefer to stay away from the standard hamburger and pizza joints, after all. If you're in this predicament and are searching for the perfect restaurant for a larger group of health-conscious eaters, here are three of the best options:

Japanese Cuisine

One of the best health-conscious restaurants to bring a group of friends/family members to is a Japanese restaurant. Japanese sushi and seafood are both excellent, healthy options, and most Japanese restaurants offer a wide variety of menu choices that everyone will appreciate. Japanese buffets and steak houses like House Of Kobe are also some of the most fun restaurants to go to with a larger group of people since the tables tend to be large and spacious enough to let everyone have a good time. Who can say no to a pitcher of saki?

Middle Eastern Restaurants

Middle Eastern restaurants offer a wide variety of health-conscious meal options. Whether you specifically choose an Indian restaurant, an Armenian restaurant, or one that serves multiple types of Middle Eastern food, every guest you bring will surely find something to enjoy. Middle Eastern restaurants tend to have great options for large groups including sample platters that let everyone try a bit of everything and appetizers that can be shared by the entire group. Hummus makes the perfect healthy group appetizer due to the fact that it can be used on either bread or vegetables.

Mexican Restaurants

Mexican/Spanish restaurants are both excellent options for large groups due the their tendency to have larger tables. Some restaurants even have a special room in the back for group entertaining. Many Mexican restaurants are now offering healthier menu options including vegetarian options as well as salads and other low-carb choices. Mexican restaurants also have some of the most fun drink choices out there. Nothing quite says a night of fun like a pitcher of Mexican beer or a round of flavorful margaritas.

Group night out at a local, fun restaurant can be a treat the whole group will talk about for months to come, but first things first-- you need the perfect restaurant to host group night at. For groups seeking healthier menu options, there are quite a few choices out there. The above options are some of the best, but there are many other alternatives. Don't be afraid to experiment when it comes to new restaurants. You never know which will end up as a group favorite.